When Customer Service Responses Get Interesting…

More than 50% of Facebook users, and 80% of Twitter users, expect a response to a customer service inquiry in a day or less.*  Typically that response comes in the form of a canned reply that directs the consumer to another method of interaction like an d800 number or an emil address.  One English company decided to take a different approach. Last week, Richard Neil posted this comment to the Bodyform Facebook page:

The post itself garnered an astounding 40,000 likes in less than 20 hours, which is amazing considering the Bodyform page only has about 4,000 fans. In a rare departure from what is typically such a boring exercise of responding to negative comments, Bodyform posted this YouTube video (with over 2MM views):

Why I’m Curious:
The day in and day out monotony of Customer Service on Facebook, while almost required, is not something that typically helps elevate a brand. In this case, Bodyform took a breath, got creative about their response and became a bit of an overnight sensation. My key take-away from this is it never hurts to take a moment to think differently about the things we know we have to do every day in social.

*Source: Consumer Views of Live Help Online 2012, A Global Perspective, Oracle


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