Unlock the 007 In You

Coke Zero is connecting their product with the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, yet again. In addition to their TV spot which shows a male character unleashing his inner 007 after drinking a Coke Zero and getting the girl of his dreams against all odds,  Coke Zero also brought this idea to life in the physical world. They challenged unsuspecting train passengers to unlock exclusive tickets to the premiere after purchasing the product via vending machine. People had to go the extra mile and unlock their inner 007 in less than 70 seconds to win.

Why I’m Curious: Not surprisingly, this work does several things right: it is truly integrated, it connects the product to the sponsorship in a meaningful way, and it creates an experience that fans actually want to work hard for.


One thought on “Unlock the 007 In You

  1. As we all know, content is not just about editorial posts, links, and pictures. We have always have an opportunity to do much more exciting work, because we should be laying track for great work.

    For example, based on a few connective events happening within culture, perhaps we could create a social video of a stunt building on an event that scheduled to happen. We could create one for each quarter to announce something special on behalf of a brand. We could distribute it through facebook, twitter and syndicated video platforms like vibrant and etc…

    But, then also think about other events happening within culture that we could partner with or even spoof to draft off of…for example, the Felix Baumgartner stunt had be publicly on the calendar for over two years. The feat was not impossible, but predictably amazing…the attention from culture via the web was amazing (9 million+ live viewers), and awareness was extremely high. Yet, no brand rode the wave except for RedBull, as the paying sponsor. A missed opportunity?

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