Sony: Intelligence Gathered Game

To promote their sponsorship of the upcoming James Bond movie, Sony just launched a stylish cat-and-mouse spy/action spot that promotes sleek-looking Sony products and ends with Bond hunk, Daniel Craig, turning the tables (gasp).

Sony continues the Bond experience online by putting you in the hot seat as a secret agent.  Framed as the “British Intelligence Officers Exam,” the game pairs players with MI6 field agents who are in pretty scary scenarios. You type out instructions for the agents in the requisite block-text, neon-green font designs, and get evaluated on your ability to solve problems. Sony products abound, with agents using the phones and laptops to help them out during the game.

The Intelligence Gathered campaign continues on Sony’s website with extended video clips and spy-styled product information, focused on cross-selling their portfolio. Interestingly, the interactive experience isn’t included on the site (not sure how they are driving there).

Why I’m Curious

I wouldn’t call this a truly integrated campaign since the TV spots aren’t driving to the digital experience and the online story doesn’t seem to be an exact continuation of the ad. That said, the Bond theme remains strong across each touchpoint – as does blatant product integration – so it’s not a stretch. I like this take on older school bot language programs and I think this game does a nice job of engaging people with a simple yet intense spy story, which tests their cognitive skills and lets them be a secret agent… for a sec.


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