Small Airline Wideroe Utilizes Spare Seats to Compete

– Jordan

From PSFK:

A small, Norwegian airline has attracted lots of attention and business with it’s new marketing scheme. Wideroe offers frequent flights to many smaller destinations in Norway, using smaller planes. Their main competitor, Norwegian Air Shuttle, can offer cheaper rates with larger planes, so Wideroe has started a campaign to build business: anyone holding a Norwegian Air ticket may fly for free with the company, if seats are available.

Their frequent, local service prompted the humorous advertisement below that show’s a young boy’s fascination with his grandfather’s “magically ability” to produce an airplane by blowing into the sky. In the last six months, the company has grown their profits by 125.4 million Norweigen Krone, as compared to the same period last year.

Why I’m curious:

Utilizing an empty seat in this fashion is simply brilliant. Although the longterm outcome is still yet to be known, at the time Wideroe has turn something that was being wasted into a clever way to attract new customers through experiencing its amazing service.


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