Making participation the experience, and vice-versa.

I loved Alina’s Coke 007 post today, and it got my mind thinking about digital versus experiential versus interactive and whether there is really a distinction between those categories. The Coke Zero 007 project is a great example of how experiential marketing – whether via digital or otherwise – is becoming more and more important in breaking through the clutter of marketing messages.

On that note, I wanted to share a short inspiring TED Talk I came across a few weeks ago in the hopes of nurturing the importance of the idea of experience in all that we do. Candy Chang’s famous for many public art installations that draw in the idea of people participation; taking something static and turning it into dynamic. Below, she discusses the “Before I Die” project she initiated in her post-Katrina New Orleans neighborhood.

Why I’m Curious

Candy Chang’s work is a delicate balance of analogue and digital worlds, yet manages to find a way to bring forth the notion of experience and participation. While technology continues to evolve in ways of connecting never imagined before, I wonder with each innovation, how do we as marketers connect the dots and create more experience, rather than message? For more of Candy’s experiential work, have a wander on over here:


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