Introducing the Instagram Menu

A New York restaurant has implemented an Instagram menu, directing diners to check out pictures of food to help them decide what to order.

From Mashable,

When three-week old Latin-American restaurant Comodo — located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood — noticed guests were repeatedly snapping pictures of their entrees and uploading them to Instagram, it decided to capitalize on the trend. The restaurant has embraced the hashtag #ComodoMenu and added it to the bottom of its real-life menu, encouraging guests to add, share and check out photos of food offered at the establishment.

Why I’m Curious

It’s no secret people love taking photos of their food, and I think this is a great way for a restaurant to utilize existing user-generated content. I always find myself looking around at other table’s plates for some inspiration, and this provides a curated (and perhaps less rude) solution.

I’m interested to see if other restaurants, or even bars and lounges, adopt this, or if diners prefer the element of surprise when a plate or cocktail is placed in front of them.


Share your thoughts.

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