Digital Thermometer for Non-Profits

Everyone knows I loooove social good, non-profits and anything international, so, I was very excited to see YouTube continue to do a lot for non-profits and charities. They have no rolled our their Digital Thermometer that helps organizations and contributors see how their views or shares are impacting a campaign or the overall organization.

More from Mashable:

YouTube released Campaigns on Friday, its newest tool for non-profits looking to effectively communicate on the online video platform.

Drawing on the convention of the giant paper thermometer measuring the progress of fundraising projects, Campaigns are a digital way to track progress toward goals. On YouTube, these goals often come in the form of page views or increasing subscriber counts.

Why I’m Curious

There is a lot of opportunities for NGOs, Non-profits orgs and charities to have their message heard in social media. Through likes, re-tweets, video views and shares money can be raised, children fed, books bought and much more. Knowing this, it is always great to see the impact that one person or one share can have. This keeps people active and inspired. I think that this kind of visual measurement and immediate feedback to an action is something that is not only beneficial to the organization, but shows the consumer that the actions they are taking really matter.


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