User-Generated Posters

This week Tumblr came to visit the office and shared some interesting ways brands are utilizing the space (they also keep a great list of brands to watch). One great example was Make Ruby Real, a tumblog for the film “Ruby Sparks.” Instead of creating a poster for the film themselves, they created the blog to host all the assets necessary to create one. Then placed media on design-centric sites and blogs inviting them to give it a try. The result was a pretty nice batch of posters (17 pages).

Why I’m Curious

UCG can be tricky on social media. Fans aren’t always equipped with the skills or assets to create content for a brand to leverage. I think this great example of not only providing all the goods to make a nice poster, getting the message out to the right people, and providing a meaningful incentive – basically setting participants up for success. As a result, the movie got a bunch of great content. Plus Tumblr is a great place for this all to happening. There’s an opportunity for the content to live on with notes from other fans (and friends of the designers) in a way that most other platforms just can’t offer.


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