Target’s Holiday QR Codes for Toys

via Engadget 

The holiday push is already here. Starting October 14th, Target will introduce QR codes for its top 20 toys. Customers can scan with their mobile device to purchase and have the gift shipped for free to any location in the US.

Target stores will have a special area highlighting 20 of the most sought-after toys tagged with QR codes for one-stop, secret mobile shopping. The program is being targeted at frazzled Moms and Dads who want to purchase presents for their children even when they’re shopping with them. Customers have to install the company’s app to scan the codes and opt-in for free shipping.

Why I’m Curious

When it comes to QR codes, there’s always so much talk about why they won’t last or how to make them cool again. I think Target’s approach to using QR codes for frazzled Moms and Dads is a great example that shows making a QR code relevant and interesting again.


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