Old Navy Creates Human Coupon

In celebration of its 5 million fans on Facebook, Old Navy wanted to give their fans an exclusive deal with a coupon.

From PSFK,

CP+B brought hundreds of people together to create a 30% off coupon. An aerial shot of the 120ft x 60ft promotion features colorful props and a barcode made of 88 placards, which is readable by in-store scanners.

Old Navy reached the milestone on Tuesday, Oct 9 and the coupon is valid from 10/12-10/14

Why I’m Curious

It’s always an interesting to see if and how a brand will reward fans at various milestones. Old Navy not only rewarded fans with a downloadable coupon, but also provided fans with engaging content.

The video is simple and kind of goofy, but so is a majority of Old Navy’s content and commercials. The integrated approach of a downloaded human coupon, a branded video for social channels and a reward for fans turns a simple idea into a larger campaign.


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