Justin Bieber Orchestrates Alleged Explicit Photo Leak by Blogger to Hype New Video

From Mashable:

The story first started on Thursday when Twitter user @gexwy came forward with never-before-seen video clips of the pop star, following reports that Bieber’s laptop and camera were missing. The incident then grabbed even wider spread attention when the singer confronted the thief on Twitter, who said they would release a controversial video on Friday at noon.

“No matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans wont leave me. screw it. #toostrong,” Bieber tweeted.


The singer then tweeted articles that referenced the situation. And tweets from Nicki Minaj also pointed to a noon announcement of something big.

Sure enough, @gexwy tweeted the video for “Beauty and the Beat” right on time, and fans realized Bieber had been in on it the entire time.


Why I’m Curious:

While teasing the new song/video out in social media makes sense, Justin’s approach would be extremely difficult for a brand to execute. Many fans felt duped when they realized the stunt was all a marketing ploy (which many bloggers had speculated). However there does not seem to be a significant amount of backlash, mainly because in the end Bieber did deliver an awesome new video to his online audience in social first. I think when pulling something like this off it’s important to have a payoff even more exciting or valuable than the perceived reward. Meaning, if you’re going to dupe your fans and hype up something big, you better deliver something even bigger at the time of the reveal.

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