Alex Bogusky Takes on Soda Companies — Parody Video Mocks Beverage Giant’s Iconic Polar Bears

The ad legend behind Subservient Chicken is coming back to the creative world, in a new role. Bogusky’s video ad was created for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group based in Washington. It’s a nearly four-minute anti-sugary-drink animated film aiming to show the ill effects of drinking too many sugary beverages.

The animated video featured animated bears called The Real Bears, the papa bear in the film not only suffers from erectile dysfunction, but also contracts type 2 diabetes, which forces him to have a “grizzly” leg amputation.

The video drives viewers to a website, where visitors are invited to share the video via social media.”Facebook it. Tweet it. Pin it. Google+ it. Email the link to your friends and relatives. Show it at school. Sit down and watch it with your whole family. Host a movie night and watch it before the main feature. Talk about The Real Bears on your YouTube show. Embed it on your website or blog. Have at it. You are the messenger. Sharing is the only means we have to make sure the unhappy truth about soda gets out to the world.”

A little background story on this, this is not the first time Bogusky attacked industries. Some of you might’ve seen the anti-smoking campaign “The Truth” launched in 1998. Although the major difference between The Truth and this one is that the “Truth” campaign was the result of a massive settlement with tobacco companies and was funded with their help. It even undertook the most expensive ad buy: a spot during the Super Bowl in 2004.

Why I’m curious

A lot of people would argue that for a brand viral video to go viral, paid-media support is essential. But we’ve also seen examples such as Chipotle’s “Back to the Start”, which garnered millions of YouTube views and lived solely online for months before airtime was purchased for the ad to run during the Grammys. I am interested to see when it comes to a challenge of making a commercial go viral without any major paid-media support, if some celebrities’ fame, a good story and excellent execution is good enough to make “miracle” happen. The film went up on Youtube on Oct 9th and as of today, it’s got 697,406 views.


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