Behavioral story telling integrated with shopping…

A few Curious Fridays ago the topic of selling products within a video experience came up…Here’s a site that hit Europe a few months ago.  It’s interesting because it takes a catalog and combines it with music and a story (through behaviors not spoken word) of the people wearing the clothes.  You can click the clothing people are wearing, pausing the story.  They used to have it so you could seamlessly shop right within the experience, but they now make you click through to their e-commerce website.  Anyways, an interesting evolution of the “J. Peterman Catalog,” except instead of telling the story of clothing items in written word, they are showing it…

Hot sub-culture meets e-commerce:

Here’s another somewhat old, but award winning example of sub-culture story-telling (again through behaviors not spoken word):

The real shopping experience is no longer available, possibly due to to the items no longer being available. Watch the case study video and review the stats when you scroll down.

Here’s an example of a J Peterman catalog posting from the 1960’s:

"Old Skool" J Peterman catalog, telling stories of garments.

“Old Skool” J Peterman catalog, telling stories of garments, back when “telling” was all they could do. Fortunately, we live in an era where we have the opportunity to “show.”

Remember that point, with digital we have the opportunity to show, not just tell.

Wish I was there to talk about this in person!  🙂

– Roshen


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