Water Is Life “Hashtag Killer”

Water is Life recently launched the “Hashtag Killer” campaign, which sets out to eradicate the ironic #firstworldproblems meme–in which people tweet about such life burdens as non-heated leather seats or forgetting their maid’s last name–and, in the process, raise awareness about serious developing world issues.

The agency (DDB NY) gathered various “first world problem” tweets and then approached people in Haiti to recite them in an anthem video. But perhaps even more affecting is the campaign’s series of personalized responses, in which various Haitians console those who have used the hashtag on Twitter. The responses will be delivered by Water is Life as well as a number of celebrities like LMFAO, Christina Millian, Michael Ian Black and Others.

Why I’m Curious

There are loads of American charities aimed at providing safe access to clean water in developing countries (some of the more popular ones are Unicef’s Tap Water Project and Charity Water).  While people may aware of these issues – and empathize with them – it takes more than that to provoke an action.

I think this is a great social + cause campaign because it co-opts on a popular Twitter meme, #firstworldproblems, to raise awareness for a cause AND make it relevant by drawing a direct comparison between trivial complaints and real problems.  A strong CTA at the end of each communication provides each viewer with an immediate way to help solve this real problem.

Interested to see how this campaign does – will it earn lots of kudos in the ad community, or will it be strong enough to drive significant donations?

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