Hi-Fun Hi-Call Hi-Tech.

It’s a balmy 50 degrees in Chicago today (this follows an 80-degree day, I might add) so I was tempted to break out the gloves for my morning commute to the office. Then I remembered what a pain in the butt it is use an iPhone with gloves on, and then (then!) I stumbled across this: Hi-Fun Hi-Call gloves.


Powered by Bluetooth, the Hi-Call gloves are built with an earpiece in the thumb and a microphone in the speaker so you can talk on the phone like you’re a mime, except yes, you’re really talking on the phone. Answering or deferring calls are taken care of via buttons on the wrists of your gloves, and naturally, the gloves are made with fiber then enables touch-screen compatibility. The only non-wireless aspect: charging. You’ll need a USB-port for that.

Two things before you get super-psyched: they’re still in the prototype stage of development. And they’re only available for purchase in Europe.

Why I’m Curious

With great technology still comes inconvenience. Cold hands, balancing the phone, trying to get the touchscreen going… Would you use ’em? I would.


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