Gucci Introduces Pinnable Banner Ad

Gucci unveiled a banner ad with a small “Pin it” button on the bottom left-hand corner, which will run on, Polyvore,, Lifestyle Mirror and The Cut. Gucci currently has over 3,000 followers and 430 pins on Pinterest.

From Mashable,

Clicking “Pin it” will bring up two images to share on Pinterest: A full-size image of the ad, and a product shot of the shoes it features (see below). On Pinterest, both pins link directly to Gucci’s e-commerce site.

Why I’m Curious

I think this is a great way to integrate a social media into paid media. We’ve all seen icons of social channels on countless ads, but this provides consumers with an action. Also, the sites that Gucci is advertising this particular ad is a perfect fit.

However, to me it wasn’t obvious that the focus of the ad was the shoes, until you press “Pin it” and are served up with the entire ad, and the shoes from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Regardless, it’s a great example on

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