JetBlue’s Election Protection Campaign

If you’ve thought about saying farewell to the U.S. if the outcome of the 2012 election doesn’t go your way, well you’re in luck. JetBlue is offering free flights to people who want to flee the U.S.–at least temporarily–if their candidate doen’t win on November 6. According to Fast Company, the giveaway is part of an “Election Protection”-themed campaign created by Mullen that took off yesterday.

Anyone interested in winning a free flight to one of 21 international destinations can visit, vote for either the Donkey or the Elephant through November 5, then select the sunny destination–choices include the Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Turks & Caicos–they’d like to flee to if their man comes up short.

The Election Protection site offers real-time poll results–the Donkey has the lead at the moment–as well as a real-time heat map showing which destinations are proving to be the most popular picks. There is also a live feed of election chatter from Twitter culled through #JetBlueElectionProtection.

After the results of the real presidential election have been announced on November 6, JetBlue will give out 1,006 roundtrip flight certificates on November 7 to voters whose candidate lost. It should be noted that contest winners will be awarded roundtrip tickets because they are only going on a temporary vacation–JetBlue doesn’t really want to foster a mass exodus from the country. The goal of the campaign is to simply highlight all of the beautiful, sunny places to which JetBlue provides nonstop service.

In addition to using TV, radio, digital, and mobile, JetBlue will also send brand ambassadors out onto the streets of New York City October 17-23, with the goal of encouraging people to play an active role in our democracy and signing them up for JetBlue’s Election Protection.

Why I’m Curious: I think this quite a fun play on timeliness and a brilliant way to leverage the virality of election season. I’m curious to see how much buzz and affinity this will build for the brand. There’s talk of people being upset about JetBlue is excluding the significant portion of society who are independent or 3rd party voters… What these people should realize is this is simply a catchy way to spin a sweepstakes. Anyone can cast a vote and be entered for a chance to win. In fact, I just did. Barbados here I come.


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