The truth behind political TV ads

Given that this is an election year, we’ve been bombarded with pleas from political parties and have heard a variety of strong claims. The Super PAC iPhone app uses Shazam-like technology and enables users to hold up their device to the TV during the broadcast of a political ad in order to gain insight into who was behind its production, including information about its funding and the veracity of its claims. Users can also indicate if they loved or disliked the ad, thought it was ‘fair’ or ‘fishy’, and see other viewers’ reactions.

Why I’m Curious: We’ve seen television broadcasting/app technology work together to provide consumers with a variety of incremental content. It was only a matter of time before this was applied beyond consumer “goods.” I think it’s pretty powerful to know that individuals/voter’s an be empowered through something so simple, and hopefully it can lead to more informed decisions; plus, the applications are endless.


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