Shop-While-You-Watch Target Ad

From The Consumerist:

Mad Men’s director, Phil Abraham, recently took on a new creative challenge… He partnered with Target to shoot the first ever shoppable short film series. The three webisodes entitled Falling For You, starring Kristen Bell and Zachary Abel, allow viewers to shop and share items they like directly from the video without interrupting the rom-com set inside a Target fashion show.

In this behind-the-scenes video, we get a glimpse of the actors’ thoughts on this approach to advertising.

“What you’re watching in the movie, you can actually shop,” explains co-star Zachary Abel. “So you can click on it — boom — it’s gonna be in your carts and it’s gonna show up on your doorstep. And I think it’s something that’s really going to change advertising.” While this makes you wonder if these actors have ever heard of an infomercial, I do think we may be witnessing a next step in the seamless commerce experience.

Why I’m Curious: I love Target and I shop with them regularly, so seeing this even-more-seamless way to shop with them is exciting. Though we’ve seen shoppable ads before, I am curious to see how the film element will play into this and exactly how such a series will impact sales and build affinity.


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