Sarah Colonna in Beauty Bust

Benefit Cosmetics introduces Beauty Bust, a new irreverent video sketch with Chelsea Lately comedian, Sarah Colonna. The video pushes the limits of humor in beauty, while reminding us not to take ourselves so seriously. As Benefit says…”laughter is the best cosmetic.”

Why I’m Curious

This is the first piece of branded content that’s made me laugh in a long time.  It also made a lot of people mad. The sentiment on the YouTube video is 35% negative and blogs such as Jezebel took it very seriously. While Beauty Bust is a bold video, I think it works for Benefit given their brand motto (“laughter is the best cosmetic”) and the fact that this is clearly a joke… There’s a note on the YouTube description that alludes to the authenticity of the video: “P.S. For those second guessing, the only thing real in this video is Sarah’s awesome Segway skills…oh and her lashes, wink wink”.

Beauty Bust has received over 33,500 views in just over a week, hitting the brand’s core female demographic with no paid media behind it. While 33,000K isn’t what one might call ‘viral’ I think it’s a nice treat for existing fans the reinforces Benefit’s quirky personality (though I’m sure they paid Sarah well over $33K)…

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