What’s Next for Print Ads

Print ad for the CW to feature tiny screen with live twitter feed
Print Ad For The CW To Feature Tiny Screen With Live Twitter Feed

To promote its fall TV lineup and take advantage of the social nature of viewers, CW is using a new kind of insert within Entertainment Weekly. The October 5th edition of the magazine will feature an ad with a small LCD screen that will display a video preview of new shows and a live Twitter feed of the last six tweets from the @CW_Network account.

Coca-Cola Print Ad Doubles as iPhone Speaker

JWT turned Brazil’s Capricho Magazine into an amplifier to promote the country’s Coca-Cola.FM online radio platform. They launched the new print effort to celebrate the platform turning one year old. An ad ran on the inside cover of the magazine, with instructions on how to create the loudspeaker device for the iPhone.

Why I’m curious:

We’ve seen ample examples of traditional media gone digital to increase engagement, most of them choose to integrate with social as a starting point. Interactive TV and billboards featuring social media conversation seems like a preferred choice by many brands. In the field of print ad, QR code seems like the most popular choice. However, with the technology novelty wearing off, recent research calls into questions the effectiveness of such campaigns. While the CW example is just another example of using digital technology for the sake of digitalizing traditional channel (what makes looking at a twitter feed from a print magazine more appealing than going online to the twitter account and join the conversation?), the Coca-Cola campaign is a much more interesting and thought-through idea on how to leverage the nature of each different channel to best serve the campaign purpose.


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