The endless choose-your-own adventure xkcd comic

From PSFK:

Created by web comic xkcd, ‘Click and Drag’ is a giant interactive piece that invites the viewer to go on a journey following the characters in their big world. he comic begins, “From the stories I expected the world to be sad, and it was. And I expected it to be wonderful. It was. I just didn’t expect it to be so BIG.” The viewer then has the opportunity to explore the large image by clicking and dragging with your mouse in all directions, going on a journey to discover different characters, climbing mountains and towers, going deep underground, or searching the skies.

Why I’m Curious:

We’ve seen musicians give their fans the power to play and manipulate their music, and fashionistas can curate their runway experiences. Now the popular web comic, xkcd, has now followed suit and gone interactive with a choose-your-own adventure. What makes this interesting is that the medium is static, and  readers can now manipulate it and tell different stories every time depending on which way they drag the mouse.


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