Store Trek: Shop From Your Sofa

Online shopping is great since you can do it from the comfort of your own home. But you miss the thrill of scanning the aisles and shelves at the brick and mortar store. So why not combine the best of both worlds and essentially make a shopping video game that results in real purchases? Well, that is exactly what Store Trek is.

UK software company, KeyTree, has created new shopping experience that lets you explore the aisles of the store on your TV using XBox Kinect. The first store taking advantage of this technology? Tesco (of course). (more at 12ahead)

Why I’m Curious

Personally I’m a big fan of online shopping, but no matter how nice a webpage looks, it’s never quite the same as being in the store. The Store Trek program is a really interesting way to tie both experiences together and the initial thrill of a new shopping experience will definitely grab the attention of customers as many of Tesco’s other executions have.

I’m curious to see how an AR experience like this could have more layered on top it – will there be a more social experience next? What about a virtual supermarket sweep?!


Share your thoughts.

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