Send An Email With Kinect Without Touching The Keyboard


Twelve years ago, Chad Ruble’s mother suffered from an unfortunate stroke that left her with aphasia, a delicate disorder that makes it impossible to use devices that require tactile motion, such as a keyboard, but does not remove intelligence or cognizance. To help his mother communicate via email, Ruble hacked a Kinect to create a virtual email interface and send emails using gestures alone; all his mother needs to do is wave her hand at the screen to select basic emotions and motion to send to a friend or family member, or delete a message received.

Ruble’s hack presents enormous possibilities for the future of communication for the disabled. Check out Ruble’s inspiring hack in the video below:

Why Am I Curious?

We are only scratching the surface as it comes to how kinect technology can influence are daily lives. Currently a lot of the applications of Kinect is for entertainment purposed and/or to make our already relatively comfortable and convenient lives a little easier. I am very interested to see how it can used in situations to address currently unmet needs and gaps and really revolutionize the way we interact.


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