Samsung Galaxy S III – The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Samsung released this video just a few days before the iPhone 5 launch to parody the masses of Apple fanboys waiting in line. They use the video to poke fun at some of the new (and generally underwhelming) iPhone 5 features, while promoting some of the the Galaxy S III’s differentiating features, like NFC.

Why I’m Curious

While iPhone 5 parodies are becoming slightly overdone, Samsung succeeded in almost immediate viral success by 1) producing a funny video that speaks directly to its audience, 2) releasing the video in an incredibly timely manner, and 3) putting paid media behind it.

Samsung ran paid media for this spot on Sept 19th, garnering its first 1 million + views, but the video was quickly picked up by reddit, mashable, cnet and techcrunch – and is making its way around Facebook and the interwebs.

Source: Adverblog


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