New App Helps Ensure Shoppers Won’t Get Buyer’s Remorse

Decide is a website/app that tells shoppers whether to buy a product or wait, aiming to help them shop with no regrets. It uses predictive algorithms, searches daily deals, and pulls in reviews, and incorporates all of these factors into its product rating system, the Decide Score, to bring consumers unbiased recommendations to tell them if they should buy now or wait for a new product release or for the price to drop. On average, the app is said to save customers $101 per product.

You can also set up alerts for your future product purchase to be in the know about price changes, rumors, and product releases. Decide’s new ‘Price Guarantee’ means that they’ll pay you the difference if they’re wrong about whether to buy, so you always get the best price and can shop with confidence.

Why I’m curious:

We’ve seen a lot of price comparison apps. Decided took a step further to give predications on future price trends across categories and promise to pay consumers back if their predications weren’t accurate and resulted in a higher price purchase. I am curious to see how much of an impact this app will have on major online retail sites such as Since Amazon is one source and user reviews only, Decide gives different opinions on certain products when compared to Amazon.  It’ll be interesting to see if this site can get consumers to change their behavior from starting their shopping experience on Amazon to starting their search on third-party sites.


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