Honda Loves You Back

– Jordan

Honda is giving back to its fans with its “Honda Loves You Back” campaign. The campaign finds Honda owners and finds a unique way to give back to them for loving Honda. Their latest stunt helps a not so well known band get their dream gig.

“Monsters Calling Home recorded, shot and edited an entire music video in their Hondas. We think that’s pretty rad. So we’re doing everything we can to make them famous. You can help too.”

The video, which was posted yesterday, has already recieved over 660,000 YouTube views.

Why I’m curious:

What I really like about this campaign is Honda completely integrated approach online. They have utilized all their social channels to get as much exposure as possible. From Facebook to Youtube ads, with the amazing video they produced this project was bound for success.

Check out their FB to look at campaigns from previous years:


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