Crash the Super Bowl Comes to Facebook

This is the seventh year Doritos is hosting the Crash the Super Bowl contest. The ad contest turns to the public to create and produce 30-second Super Bowl commercials. For the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII, Doritos will run two consumer-generated ads. The finalists will also snag a dream gig with Michael Bay.

Amateur filmmakers can enter the contest beginning October 8th through November 16th via the Crash the Super Bowl app on the Doritos Facebook page. The app has not been used in previous Crash the Super Bowl contests, and allows participants to work together and help each other when it comes to finding props, talent, or collaborating.

Why I’m Curious 

Though most of the press around the seventh year of Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest is around Michael Bay, I think it’s really interesting that this year they’re turning to Facebook to bring non-filmmakers and amateur filmmakers together for the contest. In the past, the contest has been a big focus for filmmakers, but now the app actually connects fans together to create bigger, better ads. It’s also interesting to note that is gone, and now the entire contest will take place on Facebook.


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