Blippar: Welcome to Augmented Reality

At the recent PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON, Jessica Butcher, CMO and Co-Founder of Blippar, gave live demonstrations of this new augmented reality app. It allows users to interact with images and objects in a way never possible before. For example, a user could hold their phone over a pack of gum and image would ‘come to life’ with digital animation and information. Each object that’s compatible with the app becomes an app of its own, creating individual interfaces specific to it.

Butcher highlighted the use of a universal platform, which allows marketers to produce engaging content and transform advertisements from beyond static images to interactive sites in which they can engage with consumers.

Apps like Blippar show the potential of augmented reality to go beyond just a one-off advertising tool. In fact AR can be implemented into all kinds of daily routines, such as bringing up to-do lists when users scan a notepad, or showing them the transportation service when they scan a metro ticket. This could increase the appeal of advertisements, as well as revolutionize the way in which the digital world reads print.

Why I’m Curious: Along with a lot of you reading this blog, I love digital awesomeness. Augmented reality is the type of trend that makes my awesomeness radar skyrocket. What a brilliant way to turn the simple things of everyday life into an interactive experience. Blippar just makes life more fun as it gives you a new lens with which to view your world. This app offers obvious utility for brands to create gamified experiences with their otherwise static products. I’m curious to see where these elements of augmented reality will take the online and offline consumer experience.

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