Benetton’s Unemployee of the Year

United Colors of Benetton is introducing a new global campaign, ‘Unemployee of the Year‘, on behalf of the world’s unemployed youth. It invites 18-30 year olds to visit the Unhate Foundation site, where they can build a profile, including their “un-work experience” CV and an original project they are interested in. Community members will vote on projects (ranging in areas from the arts to the environment) and 100 out-of-work young people will be awarded $10,000 to fund a project they believe in. Additionally, Benetton has partnered with MTV to release a global TV spot that follows the lives of four motivated young people as they struggle to find a job/cause they are passionate about.

Why I’m Curious: Benetton has long been known for commenting on timely social, political and economic issues. It’s refreshing to see a brand that is appealing to the much sought after Millennials demographic in a way that isn’t aspirational or squeaky clean – but rather, is based in a very relevant and authentic reality.


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