Seamless Interaction Through Gesture-Controlled Screens

The future of connected Tvs hasn’t been written yet, and Apple and Samsung are continuing to battle it out in the hardware war.

Gesture-controlled devices are often overshadowed by Microsoft Kinect and its dominance in the arena. Although another company worth taking note of is eyeSight, which is making news today for its technological involvement in the latest iteration of connected TVs, the nTobeBox – operated entirely by hand gestures.

The box turns any TV into a Smart TV, allowing you to stream online content, access apps, video calls and internet connectivity.

This set-top box runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS with the help of Innodigital – the Android based solution company.

And because of eyeSight’s involvement, the set-top box is operated by gesture control, making interactions with the TV much more natural and seamless – as the video demo of eyeSight’s software suggests.  The company assures that the hand-tracking controls act as a virtual mouse and will enable complete command of the TV as if with a remote.

Why I’m Curious: I am interested to see how this will integrate or compete with the second screen fury that is engaging live television viewers with with interactive content. Additionally, I’m curious to see how this swiping behavior will continue to infuse how people physically interact with still objects and the increased expectation they will have for everything with a screen to come to life.

Source: 12Ahead


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