Twitter Duck Hunt

Remember Duck Hunt? Of course you do. Well, this week the classic video game has been recreated by Neiman Labs but instead of pulling the trigger to hit the duck on the wall, you’ll need to tweet using the hashtag #TweetToShoot.

The game was set up using the the Twitter API, an Arduino Uno microcontroller, and a Nerf Gun. Each time someone tweets using the hashtag, the Nerf Gun fires. You can also watch a livefeed of all the action which features the handles of each tweeter on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, the game ends are 5PM but if you can shoot a duck before then. (more at Creativity)

Why I’m Curious

We’ve seen similar executions fueled by user interaction online – remember Shootpaul or this crowdsourced car launch? But I think that the integration real-world physical interactions triggered by social media is still something marketers are struggling to fully harness. This Duck Hunt example is great because its nostalgic, fun, and easy to participate. But I’m interested to see how this technology can be taken further. How could the activity triggered by Twitter become more complex? What incentives could be added to the interaction (watching your Twitter trigger a nerf shot is pretty satisfying)? How can we get them to put Duck Hunt up for a little longer?


Share your thoughts.

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