The Society of Good Taste

Rather than thinking of ways to grow the size of its Facebook page, Grey Poupon decided to turn it into an exclusive club that actually turns away fans from liking the page. The mustard brand launched a new campaign, “The Society of Good Taste,” that will screen fans who attempt to like the page.

From Mashable,

Those users who want to become a fan of Grey Poupon’s Facebook page will have to apply for membership through an application on the page called The Society Of Good Taste. The app scans your Facebook page to learn more about your interests, friends and writing style and from this, it automatically assigns you a score which determines whether your tastes are refined enough to be a Grey Poupon fan. If you just try to like the page without going through this process, Grey Poupon will delete you as one of its fans.

Why I’m Curious

Grey Poupon was able to put a fun spin on the fact that they had less thank 25K fans, and very few people actually engaged on the page.  “The Society of Good Taste” gives a sense of exclusivity (although I’m sure a majority of people who take the test make the cut), which results in Facebook users wanting to be a part of something they normally wouldn’t.

I’m curious to see in a month or two how the content evolves on the Facebook page, including the voice, and whether the fans remain engaged, or drop off.


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