QR Code Beer Bottles Help Singles Meet At The Bar

From PSFK:

Harry’s Bar in Singapore wanted to make it easier for shy locals to meet each other at the bar. They introduced ‘Bottle Message,’ adding QR code tags to beer bottles that let you enter a message when you scan them.

After you’ve written something for the person you like, flip the tag over, buy another beer, and place the tag over it. Then have it sent to that special someone so they read the message and you can start a conversation. This new communication tool caused beer sales to double at the bar. Check out the case study video below:

Why Am I Curious?

I keep coming across examples of digital tools and services that intend to use the medium for humanized experiences and/or to make personal connections. However, it is even more interesting when someone finds a rare intersection where digital, human connections and being able to sell your product collide which seems to be the case in this example. I am wondering which other brands will leverage this trend of “social pairing” to their advantage.


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