Mitsubishi Puts an End to Pretentiousness

Mitsubishi aims to end pretentiousness in the real and digital world with their 2013 Outlander Sport. “Mitsubishi Unpretentious” is an app that analyzes the content from Facebook friends to determine which friends are pretentious. It then allows the user to watch the Outlander Sport speed through a desert and smash photos of their pretentious friends to bits.

Why I’m Curious

Social Media has become a way to brag and show off, with images and check-ins that let people know which exotic vacations, expensive restaurants and special events you go to. It’s interesting to see a automotive brand do something about it. It also aligns with their television spot which showcases the Outlander Sport crash through pretentious chandeliers.


One thought on “Mitsubishi Puts an End to Pretentiousness

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