Fans find concert tickets with geo-tweets

From PSFK:

What would you do for sold out concert tickets? Well, fans of Irish pop band, The Script, are embarking on a scavenger hunt powered by Twitter and Facebook. This interactive campaign seeks to generate hype for their third album, #3, which hit shelves across the UK on September 10th. After working with digital agency Essence to develop the innovative campaign, they offered fans the chance to win tickets to a sold out show in London, which they hid around the city.

People were invited to tweet using the hashtag #GetMeToTheScript and as more people tweeted, the map on the Facebook page zoomed further in to reveal the exact location of the tickets. Once it was revealed, the first person to arrive there won the tickets. This activity is also due to be replicated in L.A. to support the group’s U.S. album launch.

Why I’m Curious: I love watching the music industry tap into the social space with such innovative campaigns. This concept of geo-tweeting creates such an interactive experience that capitalizes on the exclusive content. In the same way we saw how far people would go for fantastic delights, there is significant opportunity for brands to leverage this human behavior of how far they would go for free material, whether it’s traveling in car or on foot to find tickets or pressing a button a thousand times for free snacks.


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