Grey Poupon Screens Facebook Friends Before Accepting Them

From PSFK:

Grey Poupon’s new tagline, ‘Spread good taste,’ is the guiding qualification on the Facebook application, which uses an algorithm to interpret your percentage of good taste. Applicants are reviewed based upon the following categories: “proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant check-ins, books read and movie selections, to name a few.”

Why I’m curious:

The hook of the app is undeniable: who doesn’t want to know if they’re “good enough” to join a club? The fact that GP incorporates your social graph makes the whole experience super entertaining, and the app is sharable as well.

But what’s really great is that what could’ve been just a supremely entertaining one-time interaction with the brand actually presents multiple opportunities to engage the consumer for a longer period of time. Once you’re “in the club,” you’re privy to several “rewards.” This week it’s an eco tote bag (with GP’s branding, of course). But there’s prizes every week through mid-November, giving the consumer a reason for return visits. Moreover, when you want to claim one of these prizes, you have to give Kraft your contact info — an added bonus if one of the brand’s secondary goals is to beef up with mailing lists. There’s also an opt-in to KRAFT’s recipe newsletter, further hooking the consumer into a long-term relationship.


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