DVF – Through Glass

For the DVF Spring 2013 show at New York Fashion Week, Google partnered with the brand to show what their futuristic ‘Glass’ technology (equipped with tiny cameras) can do by representing the lead up to and during the show through the eyes of the stylists, models and Diane von Furstenberg herself. All the footage was filmed using only “Glass,” letting its wearer capture moments from a unique, new perspective.

Why I’m Curious

With the plan to make “Glass” available next year to developers, Google is clearly looking for ways to create appeal for the product through advocacy by style and fashion icons. While technology enthusiasts will surely be interested, since it is something to be worn, I think it’s clever that they’re also trying to position the product as a stylish accessory. While the glasses are not completely unobtrusive, it seems plausible that this could be the future direction for mobile one, but will not be replacing the trusty smartphone (or current specs) any time soon.


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