Dr Pepper Discovers that Controversy = Engagement

– Jordan

From Mashable:

Dr Peppers Facebook page is currently hosting a particularly controversial ad. The ad depicts a ape evolving into a man through the discover of Dr Pepper. This post has sparked a heated debate between creationists and atheist, discussing everything from differing evolutionary theories to boycotting the Dr Pepper brand.

The post has only been up for a day and has already received 2,500 shares, 25.5k likes, and 3,700 comments.

Why I’m curious:

While looking at this post I began to have another debate, was this reaction intentional? Did Dr Pepper follow suit fromt he Oreos Gay Pride cookie and seek to find a way to create a controversial image that would get a engagement rates from current fans and people who have never even been to the Dr Pepper Facebook page. The post has also been picked up by some major blogs such as Mashable, Business Insider, Huffington Post, CBS, Examiner, and Yahoo.

Im curious as to the outcome of making such a bold statement on a subject that remains to be off limits to many other companies. Would the debate spark affinity for the brand? And is that worth more than the potential consumer that it may have offended? No one knows for sure, but it may hold true that any publicity is good publicity.


Share your thoughts.

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