Burberry Launches Its Most Technologically Advanced Store In The World

Burberry has unveiled its largest and most technologically advanced store in the world in London’s Regent Street, which will provide an enriched and interactive experience for customers.

Technology has been woven throughout the period architecture of the building and the 44,000 sqft space incorporates a digitally-enabled gallery, 500 speakers, and 100 screens including the tallest indoor retail screen in the world, which will engage customers through emotive brand content.

Burberry executives say they’re “blurring” the line between the physical and digital, mimicking the online shopping experience in Burberry Regent Street. Features on the site include live customer-service chats and interactive outfit suggestions. In the store, interactive signage greets shoppers as they walk in and displays key points in the building. Certain articles of clothing and accessories carry RFID chips. These chips interact with store mirrors to show videos on craftsmanship or examples of what the items can be paired with. There is satellite technology enables the livestreaming of events into the store. Store associates will use iPad apps that provide purchase history and customer preferences to enable a tailored shopping experience. At the end of the shopping trip, customers can check out through a mobile system a la an Apple Store, or go to a regular cashier.

Why I’m curious:

We’ve seen some experiments on utilizing digital technology to enhance offline shopping experiences by providing personalized/tailed services. I think what’s unique about Burberry’s initiative is that it’s not just about providing better shopping services, but more about telling a cohesive brand story both online and offline. Advertisers have been looking for ways to close the gap between consumers being exposed to relevant online advertising or brand content to making offline purchase decisions, in-store interactive media that integrates specific product info with online brand content might just provide a perfect solution to this.


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