Volkswagen: The BlueMotion Label

The challenge to advertising any eco-friendly product or service is to make sure that the ad itself upholds the values behind the product.  When Volkswagen asked Ogilvy Cape Town for a print campaign to promote their eco-friendly BlueMotion cars, they ended up doing much more than that.  Ogilvy found that 77% of magazines wind up in the trash.  So instead of creating a print ad about VW’s BlueMotion range of eco-friendly cars, Ogilvy used the advertising production budget to pay for postage and created an insert that allowed anyone to post the magazine (once no longer needed) to a recycling plant. – via @Adverblog

Why I’m Curious

This execution goes far beyond a message by actually delivering a brand / product promise.  I’m curious about how we can be extra creative with (different types of) media in order to bring product benefits to life and surpass advertising messages. ‘Show me, don’t tell me’.

Share your thoughts.

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