Old Spice Lets You Make Sweet Music… with Terry Crew’s Body

From AdAge:

Wieden & Kennedy Portland, MJZ’s Tom Kuntz, The Mill and Vimeo team up on an interactive video that first gives you a preview of what pitchman Terry Crews can accomplish with his pecs, triceps and sartorius adductors, then invites you to try it out yourself.

This is the first time Old Spice has worked with Vimeo on a campaign. The brand’s prior video efforts, including the highly decorated Old Spice “Responses” campaign starring Isaiah Mustafa, have always been housed on YouTube. The Vimeo video is fully embeddable — interactivity and all — and according to a Wieden & Kennedy spokesperson, was the only platform that could make this experience possible.

You can use your keyboard to control Crews’ muscles and record your muscle-powered masterpieces, then share them. What you see here is the pre-recorded version, and you can try out the interactive portion here. Check out the keyboard cheat sheet so you can move Crews exactly how you want to.

Why Am I Curious?

I think this is highly imaginative and the concept would be entertaining and interesting even without the interactive part in the end but that takes this to a whole new level. I am really impressed at the implementation of that and what went to creating this interactive experience. This could have many applications for brands in terms of consumers interacting with their content in ways that go beyond likes and comments.


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