Marie Claire UK Includes Video in Print Magazine

From Mashable:

Our British friends from Marie Claire UK are about to claim a first for their country… The October issue of the print magazine with include a video ad.

The 45-second ad for Dolce & Gabbana uses LCD technology from Americhip and will start playing automatically when you turn to pages 34 and 35. This video ad will run in a few thousand copies of the publication.

The print/video ad format made its debut in 2009 with a Pepsi ad in 50,000 copies of Entertainment Weekly in Los Angeles and New York. More recently, the format promoted Bacardi inRussian Vogue. (See video above.)

A rep for Americhip declined to say how much it costs to do the inserts. The 2.4-inch by 4.3-inch screen (roughly the size of an iPhone’s) is powered by a rechargeable battery and can store up to 45 minutes of video. Despite its recent use in glossies, the rep says that Americhip has found a niche with instruction videos as well.

Why I’m Curious: Seeing the merger of these two forms of media fascinates me. I’ve always been an avid consumer of social video and now, as we begin to consider new spaces where this technology may live, I am excited to gauge audience response. As advertisers continue to discover new ways to make static spaces more engaging, I think there is unlimited opportunity for brands to leverage such portable video ads, be it magazines, t-shirts and beyond.


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