Johnny Walker uses Influncer Instagrams for Facebook Cover Photo Livefeed

From PSFK:

Edelman, together with BBH, has developed a campaign for Johnnie Walker that makes use of the brand’s Facebook cover photo, turning it into a live, interactive stream of Instagram photos. Three popular Instagram users have been asked to tell the story of the brand’s vibrant heritage by each taking over the Johnnie Walker Instagram feed for a week. The images will be fed into the brand’s Facebook cover photo, taking fans on inspirational brand-related journeys while providing exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of the iconic whiskey’s world.

The Instagram images the three users take will be automatically fed through to the Facebook Page through a unique app that creates an interactive timeline by live-streaming them directly to the cover photo. The campaign, which launched on August 27th, will be live until late September.

Why I’m curious:
Brands using UGC from users for their Facebook cover photo is not new. But, as Facebook as stressed to everyone, cover photos aren’t  meant to be a high-rolling engagement getter, but rather visual real estate to tell a story.
Johnny Walker isn’t necessarily just picking pretty user pictures to strengthen its relationship with fans. It’s trying to tell a story through the eyes of a Johnny Walker fan — one who happens to have thousands of social media followers.  This gimmick is not intended to increase impressions (though if users constantly refresh the page to see all the photos, as they need to, it’ll increase Edgerank); it’s intended to tell a story. Simple concept, yes. Effective? Most likely.

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