Edelman, together with BBH, has developed a campaign for Johnnie Walker that makes use of the brand’s Facebook cover photo, turning it into a live, interactive stream of Instagram photos.

The new FB application on its official Facebook page changes the cover image every time the page is refreshed. The constantly-changing covers feature four Instagram-based photos taken by three of world’s foremost Instagrammers, which the brand has commissioned to take over the Johnnie Walker instagram feed over the course of next four weeks. Staying true to its philosophy, the brand will take the Instagrammers on a four different inspirational brand related journeys. Photos include journey-related inspirations as well as  exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of the iconic whiskey’s world.  The Instagram images are automatically fed through to the Facebook Page via the unique app to create an interactive timeline by live-streaming Instagram photos.

The campaign, which launched on August 27th, will be live until late September. Fans of the brand are also invited to capture images via Instagram with a dedicated hashtag, where the most impressive ones will be streamed to the brand’s Facebook page starting from late September.

Johnnie Walker’s Instagram feed went live on the 27th August 2012, and the campaign launched on the 3rdSeptember 2012. , the account has already garnered more than 2,000 fans in a week.

Why I’m curious:

This is a smart Instagram launch strategy by leveraging existing Facebook strong presence to quickly build an engaging Instagram community. (Johnnie Walker has over 4,000,000 Facebook fans globally). This campaign integrated Facebook and Instagram in a unique and innovative way, and allowed the brand to tell the story of its vibrant heritage seamlessly on both platforms via consumer-generated content and collective creativity.

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