Bing It On

Bing has something to prove – they can offer search results as good (if not better) than Google. So they set up a blind test (think Pepsi Challenge) to test out what people think. The results? 2 to 1 people preferred the Bing results they served over Google.

So they’re taking the test to the web with the Bing It On Challenge which gives people the opportunity to compare search results side-by-side for 5 queries. After declaring a winner (or a draw) for each round, they let you know which search engine comes out on top, which you can share on all your social networks. (More at TechCrunch)

Why I’m Curious

The site fails to include some of the standout features of Bing (Snapshot and Social Search panes) and Google (Instant Previews and Knowledge Graph boxes), but it is a great way for people to at least be looking at the results from Bing, which has struggled to compete with most people’s default search engine.

It’s daring to call out Google directly, but it’s great approach to challenge dueling products which often have sports-like rivalries going on. The results from tech community might not be what Bing was going for – just take a look at the comments on Techcrunch, and you’ll many hardcore Googlers are not impressed with the test. But hey, they’re at least trying it, right?


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