Spot the Difference

For the launch of Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, two films titled “Spot the Difference” have just been launched today featuring blogger/DJ Bip Ling and Kusama’s clothes, set to poetry by the artist herself. At first look, both seem identical. But there are actually five subtle differences between the two. Until Sept. 7, fans are being asked to share their observations to @LouisVuitton_UK with the hashtag #LVKusam. Five Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland books illustrated by Kusama are up for grabs.

The Kusama collection will be available exclusively in Selfridges first, with the clothing featured in it’s windows.

Why I’m Curious

I love this new take on the old game of “spot the difference” that sparks a simple engagement that then leads seamlessly to online conversations about the collection. The fact that the game necessitates repeat viewings of the films also cleverly drives up views, so it will be interesting to see if goes “viral.” When considering the use of hashtags on the end frame, they have opted against it – presumably to retain a filmic / high art form quality. Instead they are relying on earned media coverage to spread the word of the Twitter competition to win the illustrated books.


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