Just For You! (From Jaime)

Safeway is bringing its ‘Just for U’ personalized shopping app to the US, following trials in Canada. The service busts the current system of pricing goods as the same for everyone by offering discounts based on individual preferences.

Just for U enables people to get deals on frequently bought items as well as goods they might be interested in. Safeway claims that the service can result in savings 10 to 20 per cent greater than using a loyalty card alone.

The app organizes the user’s shopping list by tracking historic shopping behavior and offering personalized deals. Safeway ambitiously claims the service will end the need for paper coupons, supermarket ads, promotional flyers and hand-written shopping lists

Why I’m curious? Brands are offering more and more “personalized” offers to customers based on shopping history – but I’m interested to see how more brands will adopt personalizing offers by changing the price tag. It’s a true step towards loyalty marketing. Would love to see this happen in the travel and hotel industries!


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