Interactive Vending Machine Gives Free Coffee

Similar to the Fantastic Delites vending machine we wrote about last month, the U.K coffee company Kenco Millicano has introduced a talking vending machine stationed in Soho Square. The vending machine shouts out to people passing by asking them to pay attention and interact. When people do as the vending machine says, they get a cup of free coffee. Some challenges including giving the vending machine a hug, to do a dance or stand on one leg.

Why I’m Curious

As more and more brands create interactive experiences to capture consumer attention, I’m curious as to how each experience can stand out and be different for the consumer. In the case of Kenco Millicano’s vending machine, Kenneth, it gains attention by literally shouting out to people passing by, while Fantastic Delites showed messages on a screen and relied on consumers to approach the machine themselves.

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