Facebook Tool Lets You Find Out If Your Crush Likes You

From PSFK:

Huntcha is a tool that lets you generate a secret list of people you have crushes on to see if they like you too. After creating your private profile and list through Facebook, Huntcha will alert you if someone on your list adds you to their list as well. This counts as a ‘Match’ and the two of you will be informed that you like each other. A message window will then appear so you can start a conversation. You can modify your list as many times as you want, and it holds a maximum of 9 crushes at a time.

Why Am I Curious?

Well, it does seem like a very simple premise, even a little “high school” but in a highly virtual world that we currently live in, there seems to be an increasing trend towards using social and digital to once again express our humanity and find some special connections. In that regards, perhaps, simple is the way to go. I am curious to see whether this will take off or whether it will be too “simple” for most people’s tastes.


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